Summer Roundup 2022 will take place from Sunday, July 24 until Friday, July 29, 2022.

Summer Roundup 2022 is now full.

Registration opens – 9:00am on February 1, 2022
Registration closes – When camp reaches capacity – 65 girls.
Financial aid applications due – February 15
Health forms, Zip Line / High Ropes forms, and Final Payments due– June 1

Summer Roundup Through the Eyes of our Cadettes:

Summer Roundup 2022 Programs

Brownie/Daisy (Grades 1-3):
Frozen – Do you wanna build a snowman?
Sprite, Trouble, and Donut will take you to a magical winter wonderland. You will have fun doing all types of crafts, games, and science projects such as growing crystals, making snow, and more! This is going to be the “coolest” program at camp!

Brownie (Grades 2-3):
GSUSA Shapes in Nature – Did you ever notice how many shapes you can find outside?  In this fun program, M&M, Kat, and Peanut will help you discover how many shapes are alive in nature. You will use shapes to be inspired in many ways, through art, music, and even poetry! 

Brownie/Junior (Grades 2-5):
Baking with Disney – Learn from Minty, Bear, and Honey how to cook meals and desserts featured in your favorite Disney movies! THIS PROGRAM IS NOW CLOSED

Junior (Grades 4-5):
Art and Drawing – Ace, Freestyle, and Melody will teach you how to use and practice new art skills along with your previous experience while connecting art to the world and nature around you. In Junior Art and Drawing, you will practice your art skills, create a new portfolio of all your works created throughout the week, as well as bond and develop new ideas with your fellow campers. Projects will use a variety of art mediums in a variety of settings. THIS PROGRAM IS NOW CLOSED

GSUSA Numbers in Nature – What do butterfly wings, peacock feathers, seashells, and lightning have in common? They are all examples of patterns in nature. Nature is a talented artist! It uses patterns, based in math, in many creations. A pattern is when something repeats itself, like a checkerboard or stripes on a tiger. Join Sunnie, Egg, and Nemo to learn all about patterns. You’ll have a chance to explore patterns found in nature and use math to create your own symmetrical patterns in arts, crafts, math, and science.

Cadette (Grades 6-8):
How to be a Culinary Tourist – “No one is born a great cook, one learns by doing,” French-trained chef, Julia Child. Girls will learn how to make dishes from other states, countries, time periods, and more. Join Pixie and Disney with Ginger in whipping up mouth-watering creations you’ll want to make at home again and again! THIS PROGRAM IS NOW CLOSED

Fashion Week – Chic and Birdie are back with another fabulous program. Girls will design and sew fashion accessories to take home and show off!

Acting for Movies – Lights, Camera, Action!! Acting for Movies is the perfect program if you love performing and want to learn about acting for the camera! With the help of Hollywood, Elphie, and Thanos, you will learn acting techniques and about auditioning and the business of acting. We’ll play fun improv games to unleash your creativity. Throughout the week, you will work on an individual monologues which will be recorded in a self-tape audition form on the last day of program. THIS PROGRAM IS NOW CLOSED

Cadette and Senior (Grades 6 & up):
DIY (Wood working and painting) – Girls who love to paint and create cool DIY projects will learn the basics of woodworking from Waffles, BandAid, and Indigo. Did you ever want to use a power tool to transform a piece of wood into a piece of art? If so, this program is for you! THIS PROGRAM IS NOW CLOSED

Learn to Crochet – Daisy and Twizzler will teach you the basics of crocheting. This exciting yarn activity is similar to knitting but even easier to do and just as much fun. Throughout the course of the week, you will learn how to make traditional granny squares and use them to complete a project of your choice.You may make a lap blanket, a tote bag, a vest, or other fun creation!

Girls interested in becoming Roundup Camp Aides will get hands on experience working in all areas of camp in addition to earning the Summer Roundup Program Aide Pin. Participating in this program does not guarantee acceptance as a counselor but is necessary if the camper wishes to apply to be a teen counselor in the future.

All Camp Forms

Summer Roundup is an all-volunteer run camp that will take place for the 35th year in 2022.  Held at Camp Todd, on the shores of Lake Williston in Denton, Maryland, Summer Roundup takes advantage of the many resources in and around the camp and offers camp activities such as swimming, boating, hiking, wall climbing, archery, zip lining, and more.  Girls will engage in programs ranging from digital photography to horseback riding, crafts, and indoor and outdoor cooking.  The volunteers at Summer Roundup are certified to lead their programs and strive to provide the best camp experience ever. Campers all earn patches and sometimes earn retired Girl Scout patches such as the Paddle, Pole, and Roll IP or the Make it, Eat Try It.  Come join the fun!

The cost of camp is $195 per girl and includes all meals, snacks, camp t-shirt, program supplies, craft projects, and length of stay.  For more details, please see the Camp Details Page.