Daisy/Brownie Moana

This year, the Moana program traveled to Polynesia for a week of fun activities, crafts, lots of singing, and even going to an island for a day. Each day was filled with a different activity that had do with Moana that the girls loved. They made flower leis, Maui’s fish hook, shark tooth necklaces, and decorated their own coconut bowling ball. The highlight of the week was going to Fire Island by means of the Rope Ferry, the girls all dressed up in their flower leis and crowns, and bowling with coconuts. After the girls had gotten a few strikes, we opened up the coconuts, and all of the girls were brave enough to try it!! We loved traveling to the tropics in the woods and pretending we were on a tropical beach for a week!

Brownie Ribbon Art
The ribbon art girls had a very busy week!  Monday we started out learning about different types of ribbons.  They made bookmarks from oversized paper clips and ribbon, wove ribbons through baskets and made some fancy flip flops.  Tuesday we started working with hot glue, and although some of the girls were a little nervous it didn’t take long for them to get the hang of it.  They made hair ties and covered composition books with ribbon weaving (this may have been their favorite thing!)  The girls had a special treat getting to talk to two grad students from the University of Maryland about their work to understand the algae in the lake and keep it under control.  Wednesday we made colorful two-layer windsocks which the girls were able to take outside and display from the front porch at Lake View.  Thursday came very quickly this year but the girls learned how to make decorated ribbon barrettes and got to do more of their favorite projects.  It was a very bright group of girls who were incredibly creative. 

Junior Running, Hiking, and Fitness
What a great week we had during our program!  On Monday, the girls set a goal of running a 2k by the end of the week!  They learned the importance of stretching properly before any activity to protect from injury.  We talked about how to increase their speed, distance and endurance through fun drills and relay races.  We also showed them how to pace themselves during a run so that they could finish the distance.  Finally, we learned all the ways water can help us grow and stay healthy.  We made granola to keep our energy high.  

We also went on two hikes.  One to Lakeview , where we spent some time at the ninja course and music in the woods.  The second was to the team challenge course to support another program goal of building teamwork.

Through this week, we made posters for each other.  This was a way for the girls to support each other with positive phrases and words of encouragement.  They worked hard and this all culminated in the Camp Todd 2k Thursday morning!  We had shirts made from the Vinyl group as well as campers and staff encouraging them the whole way!  What a great week!

Junior Robotics

Monday: Junior Robotics Badge 1 – Programming Robots
Computer coding or programming is the language we use to communicate with computers. Since we are surrounded by computers, we need able to talk to them and to understand them. We began by meeting a Robotics Engineer.The video was an opportunity to see a female role model working in this challenging field for NASA. We also learned about simple machines, including howpulleys help raise and lower the flag here at Summer Roundup!
Next, the girls each made their own paper plate Lunar Lander by building a shock-absorbing system to protect two marshmallow “astronauts” when they landed. We followed the design process to build and then improve our designs based on testing results. Each girl was able to build, test, evaluate, and redesign.

Then, we watched a couple short videos: What is computer programming? and What is an algorithm? We ended by playing Telephone and then Action Telephone together.

Tuesday: Junior Robotics Badge 2 – Designing Robots
We had fun playing robots first. Robots had to follow the instructions that the programmers gave. Each girl wrote a program, or a set of instructions, on paper that the robots would have to carry out. The programmers could not give any additional instruction beyond what was written down. This activity taught us to be clear in our instructions! We all took turns being the robot.

Then we watched some brief videos on: robot technology, biomimicry, artificial intelligence, and How A.I. can help with global problems, before playing a Hot Dog Coding Game and then a similar online programming game.
It was really cool to have a Facetime call with Xin He to learn about her experience with Cape Henlopen High School’s Robotics Team competitions. She was really encouraging to the girls! Then, we learned about a robotic arm and we each began creating our own robot hand.

Wednesday: Junior Robotics Badge 3 – Showcasing Robots
We began today by completing our robot hands. Then we got to create our own prototype maker-space/tinker tray robot. Next, we watched a FIRST Robotics video to see a real robotics competition. Then we took some virtual tours of Robotics Labs around the world.
Each girl was able to earn an Hour of Code certificate. Everyone could choose a game from the site and program a robot or character to complete the tasks. No matter what game they played, someone could give the same instructions to a robot, just like they were giving instructions to the game’s characters.

Thursday & Friday: The girls could complete any tasks necessary and/or code and play games again. While wrapping up our program and cleaning up, the girls were able to create an algorithm for everyone to follow at Summer Roundup. The girls enjoyed exploring the world of robotics with LEGOs. Some girls completely built and tested a robot, along with coding the algorithm for it to follow.

This was such a wonderful week, and it couldn’t have been without Mellow and Echo! Their infinite patience, knowledge, and dedication to the girls are inspiring. Also, thank you to all of the PATs who helped us.

It was a delight to work with each of of the young ladies in the Junior Robotics program! I appreciate their creativity and all of the efforts they made! Thank you for letting me be a part of Summer Roundup! Sunnie 🙂

Junior Sewing
We started out our week with a simple project to get all of the girls used to the sewing machines.  They made drawstring Tic tac toe bags with fabric and ribbons and buttons for the playing pieces.  Then the sewing girls worked hard to make their own personal rag quilt made up of 70 flannel squares in total!  The girls all did a great job designing and piecing their quilts together.  Some girls finished faster than others and they helped the other girls make their quilts so that everyone would be finished by the end of the week.  

We ran out of time to take pictures of the finished quilts but the girls all couldn’t wait to be able to curl up under them and take naps.

Cadette Camp Sampler

On Monday, the girls in Cadette Sampler went to High Ropes.  The girls had the change to participate on the Small Leap of Faith and the Dangling Ladder.  They worked as a team to get to the top of the Dangling Ladder.
On Tuesday, the girls in Cadette Sampler participated in Archery.   The girls wanted a bit of a challenge so we moved the shooting line back and they were able to challenge their archery skills.  Tuesday evening we went for a night paddle on the lake.
On Wednesday, the girls in Cadette Sampler participated in boating.  Some of them chose to kayak, some of them chose to paddle board, and one pair chose to paddle boat.
On Thursday, the girls in Cadette Sampler returned to High ropes.  This time they were able to participate in the Tall Leap of Faith.  I was very impressive to see these girls jump from 40 feet!  They also had the chance to participate in the “Playground.”  The playground is an obstacle that starts with a net you have to climb, followed by a dangling ladder up to a tire you used to climb up to the final platform.

Cadette So, You Think You Can Cook International Cuisine?

It was a pleasure leading International Cooking this year. The program could not of been a success if it wasn’t for the girls who participated and all the volunteers who helped. 
We were able to visit 4 countries. We learned about their culture threw food, music, books, and lots of fun props donated by generous individuals . The girls especially enjoyed sipping hot tea from a beautiful Chinese tea set. We had the privilege in sharing in memorabilia from a trip to Paris for France. Started lots of great conversations between the girls. 
I truly enjoy teaching the girls the wonderful life skill of cooking. You can see their pride and excitement in getting to make and eat the food, especially challenging themselves to try new things they normally would not have tried. Using new kitchen gadgets is always a hit! 

Cadette Vinyl Mania
This year our Vinyl Mania ladies had fun learning about the different type of vinyls available, ink transfers, designing ideas, pre application prep work, and finally the process of application. This type of activity required us all to sharpen our skills in patiences and ability to focus on detail and our personal creativity! The “mediums” we used were diverse and required more than a day to complete as well as thinking outside the box. These girls didn’t let us down, and we are VERY  proud of “our girls” and their GIRL POWER! FLOSSIE & Sapphire

Cadette Welcome to Hogwarts

Campers spent a week at Hogwarts, taking instruction from Professors Elphie, Sweet Tart, and Cosmo. They took courses in Potions, Herbology, Astronomy, Care of Magical Creatures, and more. They were able to take home their magical creations which included Owl Pillows and mandrakes. The highlight of the week was when everyone got to try out for the Quidditch team! Thank you, Big Foot and River for making that happen!

And elsewhere around camp…