There’s No One Else Just Like Me Program

The girls in the “There’s No One  Just Like Me” Program learned about how “we are like a rainbow”, as Reagan put it.  Ashley says “our skin colors are different.”  Rachel says ” we have different eye colors.”  Lily says “we have different hair color.”  Darian says “we all like different activities.”  Take a peak at our dolls that represent each of us and show that “there’s no on else just like me”!
Enjoy your year until camp is here!
Red, Flossie, and Chiclet 

Sweet Memories Brownie Program
The girls from Sweet Memories had the opportunity to experience how to make different sweet items that everyone enjoys as well as learned about ways to display their favorite pictures.  Under the guidance of Sandy, Spice, and Flip, the girls made buttercream frosting and learned how to use the cake decorating tips to make different designs on a cupcake.  They made homemade ice cream and chocolate candies as well.  After making all of these sweet treats, they visited Bay Country Bakery and discovered how a bakery makes donuts, breads and how they decorate cakes.  The girls also had a chance to use different scrapbooking supplies and tools to create pages for a scrapbook.

Water and Land Brownie Program
Firefly’s fun, full of energy Brownies, Galen, Erin, Paxton, and Drew made three terrariums on the first day and watched them all weekend to see what happens to the water cycle and the plants.  The next day we learned about wildlife and how to help, so we made bird feeders out of pine cones and peanut butter.  We placed them throughout the camp to feed the birds.  During the hike, we found the steps at Whispering Pines.  The girls got to see what land looks like from the zip line!  At the end of the week, we made water cycle Boogie necklaces and learned a new song.  Thanks for the help Honeybee and Stretch!

Archery Junior Program
For the 13th summer Grumpy once again led his fearless Junior girls out into the wilds of the pasture and set up temporary station at the Pavilion.  This time he was assisted by Soxxy who is a first-time Roundup Staff member and had absolutely no idea what she was getting herself into, and by Twizzler who has been waiting “all her life” to be Grumpy’s Camp Aide……so she DID know what she was getting into!  The weather was perfect; sometimes a cool breeze and always relatively low humidity.

A few of the girls had shot before, but most hadn’t, so the first short-class day was spent in learning the names and parts of the equipment, and the ever-important SAFETY RULES and whistle signals for shooting.  On the second day, the girls learned the proper way to shoot and put all the safety rules into practice without incident.  By the third and fourth days, the girls were setting up the targets, the firing line, and all the equipment by themselves and getting down to developing her own style.

Finally, in the middle of the fourth day, we abandoned trying to get a bull’s eye; instead we blew up some colorful balloons to stick on the targets.  The low breezes made them move a little, adding to the fun……..and sometimes a bit of frustration.

Each girl had her favorite part of the program:  Sarah and Kierstin liked shooting in general; Kelsey enjoyed learning the rules (always MY favorite); Rachel, Mackenzie, Maddie, and Lydia thought shooting the balloons was the most fun; and Quinn and Morgan were especially proud of getting bull’s eyes.  We all hope Natalie is feeling better, as she had to leave us on the second day because of illness.

[Grumpy’s Note:  It’s really amazing and rewarding each time I instruct a new group of very young people (8-11 year-olds- sometimes younger!) and watch them advance from knowing little or nothing about archery, to safe & confident shooters, some of whom find out they truly have a knack for the sport.  Well Done, everyone!]

Being My Best Junior Program
In the program Being My Best we incorporated self esteem building, team building and Character counts values.  We did daily journal entries and learned about keeping it positive 🙂  We did brag bags and called each other positive names (friendly, fun, kind etc) and each girl took the brag bag home to reflect on a later date.

The girls set goals; both short and long term goals, and they all accomplished the short term goal they had set for themself while at camp. the girls voted and there were tow clear favorite projects of the week. Mackenzie, Catherine, Keely, & Ginger loved the tye-dye project and Madylin, Emma, Cheyenne & Kaileigh enjoyed the zip line best 🙂

 Thanks Nutty Buddy, Rainbow, and Whinny for such a great program!

Sew Simple Junior Program

The Sew Simple program had a great time!  The girls put together sewing kits including scissors, measuring tape, thread, and a needle threader.  Then they made felt needle holders, they look like little books.  Shelby put an “N” on the front for needles.  Laura and Brennan sewed buttons onto theirs.  Next they cut out scarves from fleece.  Katie and Destiny embroidered flowers, and Taylor sewed on ladybug buttons.  They made one for themselves and one to donate.  Each girl also made her own bandana, picking out material and hemming them on the sewing machines.  Lauren’s was a red bandana print.  Our final project was a Junior vest for dolls.  It was hard but they made them!  Katelynn decorated hers with badges.  Cayla chose to make a bag for checkers and tic-tac-toe!  What fun they all had with Cookie, Blossom, and Skittles!

Creative Cooking Teen Program
The girls in Creative Cooking had a great time learning new ways to cook!  They learned about all kinds of kitchen gadgets and how to use them.  We had “Fiesta Night” on Sunday with Chicken Taco Pie and Cheesy Nachos.  The dinner wasn’t complete until we ate our version of Mexican Fried Ice Cream.  For a thank to our cooks and Tiger Lily, we enjoyed making cupcake Strawberry Shortcakes.  Thanks to all of the girls for their hard work and smiles!
Sapphire and Wildflower

Quilting Teen Program
The Quilting Chic’s had a fun time learning to sew on machines. The trip to Peggy’s was wonderful.
Marguerite’s visit was fun. They enjoyed learning about other ways to use fabric (doll-making and creating).
They were excited and happy to be making quilts to give away (they were happy to have a quilt to keep)!
I believe they are excited about the possibility of returning next year to learn more about quilting.
I am happy that the girls enjoyed themselves and a want to learn more about quilting…I still have a lot of fabric…I am ready!
Thanks so much to Butterfly for stepping in and helping me…I think she had a great time as well.

Paddle, Pole, and Roll Teen Program
Program Leader: Dutch
Program Aide: Delta
Special Guest Rescue Demonstrator:  Zephyr
Guest Paddlers (aka extra set of eyeballs) Blossom and Pyra
Participants:  Kaylie Hering, Natalie Richardson, Rebecca Schisler, Gen Johnson, Emily Kate Kolarik and Alicia Jones.

The Paddle, Pole and Roll  program covered basic canoe and kayak skills: parts of the boat, launching, strokes, maneuvers and rescues.  In addition the girls learned about boating safety, first aid, trip planning and watching the wind, weather and waves.  Karen Knight paid a visit to talk about her adventures and career  path in paddling and provided a special treat by demonstrating some of her canoe ballet moves and kayak self-rescue rolls.  The girls took a long paddle under the Rt. 16 bridges and up to the Mill.  For a service project all of the PFDs were removed from storage,  inspected and re-sorted according to size and design.  Kayaks and paddles were washed out, rinsed and packed away in the boathouse for storage.

Crafts and Swimming
Dragonfly and Daisy had some superb crafts for everyone this year.  The girls painted their t-shirts, made picture frames, put together keepsake containers, and worked on other small projects.  Thank you Dragonfly and Daisy for planning and helping with such great crafts and thank you Pink Panther for assisting.  Craft time this year was a blast!

Pyra and Sandy, with the help of Peaches, lent their lifeguarding expertise to camp this year.  Even Zephyr stopped by to help with conducting swimming lessons and implementing new beach policies.  Thanks Lifeguards!  And thanks to our boating crew, Dutch, Delta, and Butterfly, who, when they weren’t doing teen programming, were taking girls out in the canoes and kayaks.  Camp wouldn’t be complete without these great water activities, and we are so grateful to those who make them possible.

From the Director
Thank you Team Members and Campers for a another great year at Summer Roundup!  We had a great time in our programs, in the water, at craft time, and on the zip line!  A big thank you to Butterfly and her husband EC Star for being our Deejays!
Twenty-four years and still going strong, Summer Roundup has served as a way for girls to spend time in the outdoors, make new friends, and learn a new skill.  It has also served as a place for adults to spend time with their daughters and other girls and to make new friends themselves!  Where would I be without the wonderful friends I have made at camp and the girls who make my life such a joy?  As we start preparing for our 25th year, I look forward to continuing this wonderful tradition and hope to see everyone again in 2010.
Tiger Lily