From Tiger Lily:
   Camp flew by this year, and fun was had by all in spite of the harried schedule and trips to and from Camp Mardella! All programs went off without a hitch including the boating and swimming that were done off-camp. Kudos to camp aide Whinny for planning the entire Princess Ponies Program! A special thanks to Whinny’s mom, Miss Carolyn, and Miss Bonnie who helped at the horse stable.  A big thank you to Wildflower, Red, Honeybee, and Rainbow for jumping in and running programs that you didn’t even know you were running!  Hopefully we won’t have as many staff emergencies just before the start of camp this year!  I can’t say enough about the camaraderie, perseverance, and can-do attitude displayed by every girl and every adult at camp.  I can’t wait to see you all again next year!

Daisy Science Magic
    In Daisy Science Magic, Maria Brown, Hannah Heverin, Hannah Pinkham, and Kyra Obert learned all about the fun and excitement of science.  On Monday we learned about capillary action with washable markers and water, and we solved the mystery of the missing dirt cups.  Hannah H. did a great job remembering our new word HYPOTHESIS!  Tuesday we expanded on Monday’s experiment and used permanent markers that were HYDROPHOBIC.  We used the markers and rubbing alcohol to make cool designs on bandanas which Hannah H. loved!

Brownie Sports and Games
  In Sports and Games Brownie Program, the campers had fun learning and playing several old fashioned sports games.  On Monday, they learned how to play the game croquet.  Danielle Kosowsky was great at getting her team’s ball through the wickets and one time she even hit the others team’s ball out of the way. The campers learned to play the game of badminton on Tuesday.   They learned how to serve the birdie and to hit the birdie back over the net.   Jordan Trent served the birdie over the net the most while Katie Fellon hit the birdie back over the net several times. During Wednesday’s program, the Brownies learned to play bocci. The girls practiced throwing the ball and getting as close as possible to the white ball. Several times Merrill Smith threw her bocci ball closest to the white ball. On the last day of camp, the girls learned to play  volleyball.  They learned to serve the ball and hit it back over the net.  Lily Allaband  served the ball very well while Hannah Hagan was really good a returning the ball over the net.

  Also, the Brownies learned and enjoyed several water games, completed the new exercise trail, hula hoop games, and marbles. All the Brownies had fun learning and practiced techniques from the variety of games and always tried their best.
A special thank you to Luna for filling water balloons, being our referee or judge, helping us organize  games, and teaching us how to do the new exercise trail.

Brownie Princess Ponies
  The program began with the splitting up of the girls on Monday. Six of the girls went to Coverley Farm with Whinny on Monday, along with Daisy.  Whinny’s mom and Miss Bonnie helped at the farm.  At camp, the other girls stayed with Red, Wildflower, Kit Kat, and Midget and played games and worked on princess crafts. The following day, Tuesday, the other group of girls went to the barn and did the same activities as the girls the day before.  The days at the barn began with the girls arriving and sitting under a big shade tree while Whinny introduced Miss Carolyn and Miss Bonnie. Then we proceeded to go over the basic barn rules. After this, we moved on to meet the horses in the barn and have a barn tour.  Then, the girls brushed Cookie and Whinny tacked her up rode her for the girls to see . After Whinny did a display of her riding, each girl got a chance to clean tack with Miss Carolyn and walk around on Cookie with the proper safety gear.  Then, once all of the girls had ridden and cleaned tack, we bathed Cookie. After that, each girl assisted in feeding all of the horses in the barn with carrots and apples.  Day 3 and Day 4 consisted of more Princess activities. Day 3 we did, however, watch half of the horse movie “Misty” and most of an American Girl horse movie “Felicity.”  Whinny also gave each girl a horse poster to keep as her own. That day they also worked on some crafts, but mainly decorating their trash-bag gowns for the Tea Party the next day. Day 4 was the Tea Party for the girls, pictures were handed out of the girls on Cookie, and the girls got more pictures taken of them as princesses. The princesses loved the Tea Party so much they wore their gowns to lunch!

Junior Fit and Fun
  The girls from Fit and Fun did daily workouts and focused on strengthening their muscles.  They warmed up and stretched every day.  They did yoga, made duct tape balls, played kickball, did a challenge course (their favorite!), and danced.  They also took a field trip to Tuckahoe State Park and did the fitness trail.

Junior Small Crafts
  The gals in Small Crafts first learned all about canoes, kayaks, and paddles.  We learned lots of strokes and how to turn.  We spent the first day at Camp Mardella learning to get in the canoes and kayaks, and we paddles on Watts Creek.  We were proud that nobody fell in!  Tuesday, we spent on the creek.  We took a mini trip to the Choptank River.  We got out at Martinek State Park and ate our lunch (thanks Spider, Tic, Pixie, and Hummingbird).  After lunch, we paddled back.  Zephyr was so proud of Sabrina, Morgan, Jenna, Laurie, Katy, Sarah, Maija, Becky, Destiny, Rachel, and Michaels.  They worked so hard and showed incredible teamwork!!  Tahnks to Pink Panther, Twizzler, Scooby, Pyra, and EliE for all of their help!  We also want to thank Camp Mardella for lettig us use their camp.

Junior Theater
  Gals in the Theater Program learned about the history of of acting and how it has been transformed over the years.  On Day One, we made our masks that helped us be mysterious at lunch.  The next day, the girls studied miming.  After painting our faces, we were silent, using only gestures at lunch.  We performed a “Crazy Orchestra” skit for all of the campers.  Day Three brought “Bearded Ladies” to lunch!  The girls learned about stage makeup and got to have a mustache and beard.  Kudos to our brave girls Courtney and Caitlyn for getting a full beard complete with furry eyebrows!  We wrapped up our week by watching a local production of The Wizard of Oz.  Special thanks to my wonderful assistant Blossom.  Her theater knowledge and experience was invaluable.  And thanks to Jelly Bean who was a great program aide!

Teen Archery
  This year it was the Older Girls’ turn to experience learning Archery from Grumpy at the Pavilion.  Even though it was hot all four days, we did experience a lower humidity for the middle two.  And, the two best things to come to us out there are shelter from the sun and the occasional light breeze……sometimes strong enough to topple our targets and give us extra work!
In addition to the usual first day of ‘endless’ instruction on equipment, safety rules and method of shooting, the girls got to shoot one end each – all crammed into a 3-hour time slot.  This year we had both recurve and compound bows, as well as a few ‘toy’ crossbows which were fun anyway.  The most excitement was generated at blowing up, decorating, breaking (and sometime “nurturing”) balloons.
I also suspect that Tiger Lily was trying to do her part of preventing any onset of Alzheimer’s on my part by providing me with continual mental exercise……Look at the 3rd & 4th group of names of my girls below:
Jordan and Brennan Rose particularly liked learning archery and shooting in general, while Julia liked the sound the arrow made when hitting the target, and Savannah the sound of popping balloons.  Katelynn, Cayla, Kyla, Cayley and Megan liked the challenge of shooting the balloons, and both Katie and Caitlyn enjoyed shooting the compound bows.
I have to thank all my able assistants who really made the program a success and safe: Adult Aides Kit-Kat and her stand-in for one day Blossom; and my Camp Aides Twizzler and her stand-ins for one day Luna & Pink Panther.  As a result, “no Cadettes were hurt during the running of this program.”

Teen Diverse Universe
  The Diverse Universe group had learned about what it is like to be a person with a disability.  We learned sign language and lead the campers in the Pledge of Allegiance and Girl Scout Promise at the flag ceremony.  We watched a movie, “Front of the Class,” about a man with Tourettes Syndrome and a dream to be a teacher.  We learned how hurtful the “R” word is to people and how to share that information with others.  At the end of the program, we learned that everyone is different and it is important to treat everyone with respect.

Teen Quilting and More
  Wow!  What a wonderful time we had quilting and learning to use a sewing machines.  For a few girls, it was their first time sewing.  Several campers returned from last year’s program.  Ana Y. finished her one-patch doll quilt in just one day!!!  Everyone had the opportunity to make a pillowcase out of the “Save Our Planet” fabric.  Look for more sewing and quilting programs in the future!
Quilt Chic