From Tiger Lily:
   What a great time at camp we had this year!  For the first time ever, Summer Roundup hosted 100 girls!  With the help of 42 staff, we pulled off an amazing camp in spite of visits from bees, spiders, and thunderstorms!  Tic, Spider, Hummingbird, and Pixie continued to entertain us as well as cook for us (who needs a fancy dinner theater when you have the Summer Roundup kitchen staff???)!  Our new nurses, Bubbles and Skeeter, were kept busy around the clock with stings and bug bites, and the girls and staffed loved them both.  Thanks so much for taking care of us!
    We welcomed several new program leaders and aides – Wyoming, Freckles, Bald Eagle, Stylus, Morning Glory, Tootsie Roll, and Lolli Pop.  What great additions you are to our camp!  And we broke in some wonderful new camp aides – Popeye, Jessie, and Hippie.  Thanks for all of your help especially with Shower Duty!

    I am so looking forward to next year.  With a wonderful staff additions and the programs we are already planning, Summer Roundup 2013 could be even better than 2012!  I hope to see all of you there!

Daisy Outdoor Skills
   We had an exciting time in Daisy Outdoor Skills. We talked about things we already knew but we also learned a lot too. It seems that all of the girls already knew their outdoor manners and they demonstrated everything they knew when we took an ABC hike through the woods on Monday. Rain and Corrine did a great job coming up with nature words during our hike. We also learned how to dress for the weather. Each girl picked a season and dressed a paper doll for the weather. Some were not dressed for camp, but everyone was able to explain what the dolls should and should not wear to have a great camp experience. In order to be prepared for the outdoors, we needed to learn to tie square knots. So, on Tuesday, we practiced tying knots with rope. Natalie and Kyra mastered the square knot so quickly and then helped show others how to tie them. We explored the world around us every day at camp, but on Tuesday, we used magnifying glasses to get a closer look at what we found. Karlie was even able to get a close look at a butterfly. On Wednesday, we learned how to safely use a pocket knife, but we didn’t get to practice much because the ranger came to visit that day and he had a lot to teach us. The daisies also took a lot of time learning about camp fires during the week; how to build them safely and how to cook with them safely. We built an edible fire with snack foods on Tuesday. Everyone loved being able to eat their “fire.” Soxxy and Stretch enjoyed snacking on the extra treats, YUM! We also collected tinder and kindling for the main camp. Kadyn really enjoyed being able to collect wood for the fire, she must have collected the most tinder and kindling at camp. On our last day, Bubbles, our camp nurse, taught us about first aid. Lilah and Roxy proudly shared their experiences with first aid, this really helped to show the other girls they didn’t need to be afraid of the first aid materials. Then each girl put together her own mini first aid kit. Afterwards, we learned about the types of food we would need to take camping to make sure we had a healthy meal planned. Before our program ended, we worked together to build a small camp fire and roasted s’mores to celebrate our fantastic week; but before we could light the fire, everyone learned how to safely light a match. Some girls were very worried about lighting the match because they were afraid of what might happen, but after they lit the match and tossed it into the pail of water, they were so proud of themselves. They all know they can only use a match with adult supervision, so don’t worry. We had a great week in Daisy Outdoor Skills, Karlie, Kadyn, Rain, Corinne, Kyra, Natalie, Lilah, and Roxy should be ready to tackle the whatever the outdoors has in store for them. Great job, girls!

Brownie Outdoor Skills
Lead by Wyoming, assisted by Blossom, with Camp Aids Hippie, Whinny

Participants: Lillian Allaband, Taylor Antonakos, Kendall Carpenter, Terri Crawford, Aliya Katrinic, Danielle Kosowsky, Morgan Leigh, Rebecca Merkel, Samantha Messier, Kyra Obert, Abby Pinder, Jordan Trent
In Brownie Outdoor Skills, we rolled ball to each other said our names and a fun fact each day to start off.  We made a Girl Scout bracelet with their name on it in beads.  We discussed what each bead/value represents and examples and discussed camp etiquette and respecting authority. We sang “we are going on a bear hunt”.After the morning name game we played – I am going camping and I will bring ——.  We talked about leave-no-trace and how to hike to get the most of that experience (quietly walking).  We hiked to whispering pines discussing trees, plants, birds, bugs.  We split the girls up into 3 groups at the challenge course (they had a blast!).  Then we came back to classroom and I passed out bandannas that they colored while Whinny read them “The Giving Tree” book.
We had a visit from Ranger Dave Davis, made bug antennae (head bands & pipe cleaners), and sang a song “Catalina Magdalena Hoopensteiner Wallendiner Hoga Logan Bogan was her name”.
We visited Wildflower’s girls (Juniors) while they tried to light the campfire with sticks.  We had a lesson on fire safety, how to put out a fire, and how to build a fire.  While we enjoyed our First Aid lesson with Bubbles, our cake was baking in a solar box oven!

Brownie Butterflies
The Brownie Butterfly program was a “flying” success!  The girls learned all about the life cycle of a butterfly, created nature journals, found out how to tell a butterfly from a moth, and even discovered what types of plants different butterflies were attracted to and why.  They went on a field trip to Martinak State Park, where Ranger Steve discussed what types of “local” butterflies they could see and showed them the park’s butterfly garden.  Back at camp, they planted a butterfly bush, searched for butterflies among the bushes that had been planted by previous groups, and watched a Magic School House video on butterflies.  There are an abundance of butterflies and moths all over camp, so the girls were able to gain some “hands on” experience in learning all about butterflies!

Junior Survival Skills
We learned what types of plants were edible and not edible but we didn’t try any. We studied some outdoor guides to learn how to build shelters and learn to identify some of our local fauna. We went on a hike and practiced walking quietly in the woods. We created a journal to list a lot of the things we learned and learned some basic first aid information. We tried to start a fire without a match for one of the outdoor cooking classes but due to time restraints we eventually used a lighter. We discussed ways to find, collect and purify water and how to hunt, collect and cook some of our local natural resources.

Junior Medieval Survival Skills (Archery)
This year, the girls in the archery program became junior Olympians!  They learned how archery is scored in the Olympics and what type of bows are used after watching footage from the Olympic games that were also taking place that week.  They learned about several different types of bows and how to use them.  After each of the girls won a trophy, they watched trailers from the Hunger Games and practiced skills like those of Katniss Everdeen by shooting balloons.  They won prizes in their daily trivia games as Bald Eagle, Tinkerbell, and Twizzler tested them on their archery knowledge.

Junior Surviving in the Bakery (Cake Decorating)
The girls in the cake decorating program made both cakes and cupcakes with extraordinary skill!  They learned some basic sewing skills when they made their own aprons and pot holders.  They finished the week by making beautiful cakes that they showed off at lunch and shared with the entire camp.  Freckles, Honeybee, and Flip enjoyed their time with the girls and look forward to next year!

Teen Vintage Survival Skills
The girls in the Teen Survival Skills program learned many skills needed to survive outdoors.  The girls worked in teams to learn a skill and then participated in a competition to demonstrate what they had learned.  The girls learned how to use and tie a variety of knots, with their favorite being the bowline.  The girls also used the rope ferry to travel to Fire Island to learn how to build a fire and how to make banana boats and dessert burritos over the fire.  Learning how to find your way without the use of a GPS was also a skill that the girls learned, and using a compass, that proved to be much more difficult that what they had thought.  The program also included a demonstration from the camp nurse, who showed the girls how to use items in a first aid kit and how to care for injuries that may happen while on a trail.  The girls are now more prepared for outdoor survival.

Teen Advanced Outdoor Cooking
The girls in Advanced Outdoor Cooking sure had their work cut out for them.  On our first day we talked about what kinds of recipes the girls would like to try as well as what types of supplies we would need.  On the day of our big dinner IT RAINED!!  That’s ok though, we are Girl Scouts and therefore always prepared to make changes.  The girls were great in moving down to Choptank Lodge so we could prepare some of our smaller recipes first.  Who can forget making our own “crescent dogs” and “hot fruit pies” in the fireplace??   We did get to make our big dinner out at the main fire circle the next day.  Everyone passing by could smell and hear the sizzle of our chickens cooking in our outdoor convection oven. (aka….trash can)  We also got to try different vegetables cooked in foil packets with various seasonings.  To end a great meal we had fruit cobbler (cooked in the can) with ice cream.  Not even the pesky bees could keep the girls from chowing down on the delicious meal they had made!!  On our last day of cooking we tried our hand at outdoor popcorn making.  With the help of Tiger Lily’s old fashioned popcorn popper we did manage make a few batches that tasted great and even a few that didn’t catch on fire  We also were able to make our own baked apples with ice cream to end the last day of a great week of camp!  I want to thank the girls and my helpers (Skittles and Pink Panther) for being patient when we had down time because although cooking outdoors is a lot of fun it can be a long process with periods of down time.  They were great and I really appreciate all of the hard work and effort that they girls put into making this a great program.

Teen Fun With Fabric
    We had a great deal of fun with fabric…containers, bags and boxes full of colorful fabric…life is good.
    Returning sewing girls…Karly, Clare & Kallie jumped in with both hands while Katelynn, Katherine, Madison, Marisa, Mya looked surprised for a minute but soon jump into the fray.    Each girl sewed a practice pair of shorts before making a pair of matching pj pants from Fantasy Wing Fabric (which by the way closely resembles the Girl Scout floral pattern). Special thanks to Butterfly and Chiclette for using their sewing talents to lend a helping hand…oh what FUN with FABRIC!!!