From Tiger Lily:
   What a fantastic week of camp we had this year.  Our camp team was outstanding, and the girls all seemed to have a fantastic time!  The weather was perfect (except for that rainy last day and cramped indoor closing ceremony), and all programs went off without a hitch!
    Thank you everyone for your continued support of Summer Roundup.  27 years and still going strong!  I can’t wait for next year!

Daisy and Brownie Angelina Ballerina and Fancy Nancy
Our little Princess Ballerinas were very busy making “posh” things this Summer!  We created awesomely fancy flip flops, sparkly flower pencils (which were Leah’s favorite!), and magical fairy wands with lots of bling!  In addition to making these glamorous items, we created a book of manners, learned about table manners through the use of placemats, and created name poems.  Although Bella and Sammi agree that learning ballet with ChaCha was the most fabulous part of the program, Abby thought the tutu treats were a smashing hit!  Lilly liked everything about the program…from the ziplining with style to the fancy fans and every stylish thing in between!   The girls can’t wait to show off their awesome ballerina moves and continue learning fancy words for things!


Brownie Felicity
Our goals were to learn about the role of women in the past along with the role of horses. We practiced our etiquette by learning to set a table and having a Manners Tea Party. Then, we made pineapple upside-down cakes over the fire to pretend we were in the olden days when ovens had not been invented yet. Another day was spent with the horse. We learned how to properly groom him as well as the precautions to take when with horses. Each girl rode the horse at a walking pace around twice to practice steering, halting, and posture. By the end of our session the girls had huge smiles on their faces as they spoke of their excitement for next year’s Summer Roundup session.

Brownie Ariel
The Brownie Ariel program at Summer Round Up was a success!The goal of this program was to allow the girls to earn the Water Fun and Marine Animals Brownie Try-its. Learning rules to be used around any swimming area, and learning when and why a life jacket is used are two required activities of the Water Fun patch. As we took time to read over the rules, the girls had some great open discussion about why they thought these rules were important and how to help enforce them. The life jacket activity brought us a guest straight from the Coast Guard Auxiliary (my dad), Captain. We had fun learning how hard it would be to try to put on a life jacket while in the water, and understanding why it’s important to start out wearing one while boating or other such water activities. We learned how to properly choose a life jacket and how to adjust them so that they would keep us afloat in case of emergency. Since we had expert help that day, we spent some time discussing boat safety and what to do if a boat capsized.

Since all the girls had at least some basic swimming skills, we put them to the test by having some kick board races. In order to learn how to breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth, we blew ping pong balls across the water with drinking straws. While we were in the game playing mood, we pushed balloons across the water with no hands – it’s harder than it sounds!

Our friendship boat ceremony taught us to make paper boats as we took some time to reflect on our goals. We lit candles and made wishes as we let our desires go afloat written on dog biscuits (to be conservative of the environment).

For the Marine Animals Try-It, we learned about Inky. She is a whale who ate some debris in the ocean and was beached because she got very sick from it. She was taken to the Baltimore Aquarium, nursed back to health, and was released.  We learned a lot about conservation and the effects of being irresponsible after watching this DVD and doing activity books about it. These resources were courtesy of the Coast Guard Auxiliary, who have since contacted me about doing an article on the interaction between Captain (on their behalf) and the Girl Scouts. When it is completed, I will be anxious to share!

Junior Arietty
Day 1- We began teaching basics of Orienteering- a sport in which navigational skills are used to get from point to point. This course taught how the orient a map with cardinal points, how to navigate using a map and compass, how to understand symbols and landmarks used on maps.  We took these skills into the park and successfully completed the orienteering trail as a group activity.

Day 2- We moved to technology!  Provided overview and understanding longitude and latitude.Where these lines cross is called a waypoint.  Waypoints can be used to determine a location using satellites in the sky all over the world!  After instruction of basic use of Global Postioning System (GPS) receivers,we honed in these skills, broke into pairs and found 5 geocaches hidden at Camp Todd. We traded trinkets and signed the log book found in each cache.

Day 3- Ahoy Matey! We took a field trip to Martinak State Park where we dressed up as pirates in search of Blackbeard’s Hidden Treasure Chest.  We completed all clues on the map and read each intrepretive panel that revealed the numbers on the combination to open the chest filled with treasures.  We also learned about the park and visited the aquarium and Nature Center.  After eating lunch, we returned to Camp Todd.

Day 4- The rain and weather didn’t stop our group from hiking the Camp Todd Nature Trail, and climbing the Rock Wall!  We concluded our course with a turn for each on the ZIPLINE!! What a GREAT ADVENTURE!

Junior Hermione
I had the following girls in the Hermione program:  Amber Anthony, Amber and Ashley Cooke, Maddy David, Haley Howerton, Kelsey Penix and Nicole Wright.  My fab assistants where Honeybee and Pickles.First I’d like to say thanks for letting me set up the night before and stay inside at Choptank so I could turn it into Hogwarts.
*Each day we walked the trail to Choptank – aka the enchanted forest (except the day it rained).

Day 1 – Monday – Create
We made magic wands(glitter/wooden sticks), lanterns out of milk cartons/colorful duct tape/heavy duty tin foil/battery tea lights; they played with the witch hats and capes, made troll snot (water/cornstarch/yellow food coloring), ate chocolate frogs (made ahead of time).

Day 2 – Tuesday – Physical Change
Exploded soda (mentos/cola), made tie-dye shirts, made volcanoes (made playdoh/ painted it brown then formed it around small plastic bottle) – hardened over night.  We made chocolate frogs and troll snot (unfavored jello, corn syrup, green food coloring and flour).

Day 3 – Wednesday – Air and Motion.
We made volcanoes erupt (vinegar/baking soda/neon food coloring/water).  Played with glow in dark whirly birds, bottle rockets, screaming balloons.

Day 4 – Thursday – Freeby day
We played a school borrowed science game – Potential/Kinetic tube game with super bouncy balls (aka – Quiddach).  We made butter beer and ate chocolate frogs while watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone.  We ran out of time to decorate walking sticks (bamboo) but took them home to finish.

Junior Laura Ingalls Wilder
We spent time on the Prairie…Lakeview, learning about the life and times of Laura Ingalls and her family. We spent a day in a One Room School House (many thanks to School Mistress Beth Hansen, Talbot Historical Society) and prepared a meal (campers helped peel, chop, stir and mix) of beef stew, apple pie, peach pie and wheat bread. We learned how to hand sew while making a doll quilt.
The only thing missing was the horse drawn wagon (another program must have borrowed the wagon or horse).

Teen Katniss
What a great time in archery this year!  Bald Eagle, Tizzler, and Luna led a group of very talented archers who could give Katniss a run for her life in the Hunger Games!  Even Brandy (known affectionately to her program mates as Fluffy) was a sure shot while balancing on crutches!  All of the girls did a fantastic job remembering the rules and taking shots like pros.    Kudos to all of the girls for their hard work and good sportsmanship!

Teen Princess Kate
In the Princess Kate program, the girls – along with the help of Freckles, Flip and Tinkerbell – learned about being beautiful on the inside and out.  We made baked apple chips as an example of fun healthy snacks.  We also dyed white carnations different colors to help beautify the world around us.  The favorite activity hands down was the two spa days where we gave each other manicures and pedicures, facials, made headbands and hair wraps out of fabric scraps and gave each other fun new hair-dos and used accessories like hair jewels and hair chalk.

Teen Rachel Ray
During our week at camp, Cadettes in the Rachel Ray program not only made and tasted a variety of foods, but also learned where the food came from and why it was important, and we had some good ole’ camp fun too.

On Monday we started off by zip lining and then hiked back to the lodge and made delicious blueberry crepes from France! Some girls preferred crepes without blueberry sauce, but others wanted extra. We also shared with our camp Director, Tiger Lily, and our camp Chefs, Tic and Spider. After snacking, we had time to walk around the adventure trail to search for the Seven Dwarfs and ended up at Music in the Woods. I have to say these girls are very musical!

Tuesday we decorated recipe boxes and then made crab balls. Everyone knows crab is the local phenomenon here on the Chesapeake Bay. The crab balls were eaten as they came out of the pan. We didn’t even get pictures of them, but we did share a few with other staff, who really enjoyed them. At this point, the girl knew what was expected of them and were working on closely following directions in the recipes, safety in the kitchen, knife cutting skills, and other cooking techniques (like peeling tomatoes).

The next day, we made End of Summer Soup (an official RR recipe!) and Turkey Meatballs for Thursday’s  healthy swap dish. The soup was so simple to make and was filled with lots of yummy in-season veggies. Did you know soup kitchens started in the 1930s during the Depression? We didn’t either. Maybe some of the girls will use that knowledge for a great service project!

On Wednesday we also attempted to roast a spaghetti squash to pair with our turkey meatballs. We were swapping out the pasta and going gluten free. Unfortunately the squash ended up a little over cooked and didn’t come out as stringy as we had hoped.

Our final day at camp was a pretty laid back day. We tasted a little of our spaghetti squash and ate our meatballs with sauce we made from a can of tomato sauce and a marinara seasoning. We also finished up our recipe boxes. Each girl got to take home recipe cards of every recipe that they made at camp.

I hope that everyone got to practice some of the recipes with their families. All of the girls did such an awesome job working together all week, even when space was limited. They also shared ideas to make next year’s cooking program better, such as, practicing cooking skills individually before starting to cook and working in smaller groups to make smaller dishes so everyone gets to do the same amount of work. I will definitely use their ideas in next years program. What a great group! I can’t wait to see them next year at camp. I only hope they continue cooking through the year and bring me a tasty treat when they come back. 🙂