From Tiger Lily:
   It was another great year at camp with lots of fun!  The girls and staff have this amazing ability to mesh within the first 24 ours of camp, and everyone feels like family by the next morning.  It has been my pleasure to be part of Summer Roundup for the past 12 years, and I look forward to many more!

Daisy and Brownie Toy Story


Brownie Camp Sampler With Outdoor Cooking

Junior UpCycle Sewing

The Junior Up-Cycle Sewing group had a great time learning how to take something old and turn it into something new.Thanks to all of the donations that we had for this program the girls were able to:  turn slightly worn socks into fingerless gloves, turn old ties into either an eyeglass case or a scissors case for their sewing supplies, and they up-cycled some old jeans into small totes for their sewing tools.  By far, I think everyone’s favorite project was taking old t-shirts and making bracelets, necklaces, headbands, and belts by “stripping” the fabric and braiding the stretchy fun-colored material together.  The girls did a lot of machine sewing on the new machines that were donated to Summer Roundup, but they also learned how to sew by hand using various stitches and even sew on buttons.  It was great to see how their imaginations at work coming up with new ideas for old things to up-cycle.

Junior Crabbing and Fishing

Junior Doctor Who Training Camp

Cadette Advanced Photography
After teaching a small portion of Photography in 2014 as part of the “Ace Reporters” program, there was enough interest for a full photography class in 2015, and the girls had an fantastic time behind the lens! Thankfully we had multiple cameras donated for the girls to use, and it worked out great having them in pairs most of the time sharing cameras.  From the very first project assigned (taking 3 pictures of the same thing from different perspectives), it was clear there was a lot of talent in this group of ladies!  We saw some amazing photos early on of random objects the girls transformed to look extra fascinating from their points of view!    Our girls also learned some different tips and techniques for doing portrait shoots, for both sides of the camera!  Of course the ladies loved taking selfies often.. lol.. A nature walk provided plenty of exciting things to take pictures of, including a snake named “Art” because he was found in the “Art among the woods” area of the nature trail. Speaking of art, we also practiced some close up and abstract photography! Each lady took home 2 pictures of their choice, from all the pictures they shot, as well as portraits of themselves their partners took.  It was great sharing many of the pictures the ladies took in the Program Center as parents came to pick the girls up on the last day–the only problem was that the girls took SO MANY good pictures, we couldn’t nearly put them all in the slideshow!  We had such a great time!!  

Cadette CSI

Cadette Fashion Design