From Tiger Lily:
   Wow, I can’t believe that another week of Summer Roundup has come and come. It was hot, but that didn’t stop the fun. From horseback riding to water polo, from the Broadway stage to a walk down Mulberry Street, the girls and staff at Summer Roundup created another magical camp experience. I can’t put into words what it means to me to watch these girls grow over the week and over the years. I’ve often been asked why I do this, why I work so hard for so many weeks and months of the years, without pay, to produce 5 days of hot, organized chaos. One look at the faces of the girls during a cook’s parade or the flag retirement or while enjoying program, and I know the reason I do this – everyone here is my family, and for one week every summer, Camp Todd is home.

Daisy and Brownie Alice in Wonderland
  Monday – Book Thing 1/Thing 2.  Introduction of Staff, expectation of behavior, and program layout.  Discussed Dr. Seuss and laid out books for them to look at and pick out what they wanted to read or have us read.  Craft was making blue paper Thing 1/Thing 2 hats.  Make Red/white Thing 1/Thing 2 shirts.  Had girls draw numbers 1-9 (9 girls in program) and paint that number on shirt.  They also received Thing 1/Thing 2 patches made into necklaces (1-9) to wear for the entire program.  They all received a Dr. Seuss goodie bag with pencils, erasers, blank note book, stickers activity book, water bottle and spray bottle (Target).  Read books on blankets under trees.  Discussed fishing trip rules. Tigger was my PAT for the day and we all pitched in to make the first day fun and run smoothly.

Tuesday – Book 1 fish, 2 fish, red fish, blue fish.  Wore Thing 1/Thing 2 shirts to fishing trip to help me keep track of girls.  Tuckahoe State Park Fishing 101 Program (cost $40.00).  I think they all (big & little) had a great time.  Ranger Andy and Rachel were great with girls and I will send them a thank you card to them as well as Jessica (set up date).  I had pre-made a Terrarium as a gift for Rangers.  Claire was the only one who successfully caught a fish but 2 other nearly did but they got away….  Raven and Trouble watched over girls at the wonderful playground while I and PATS cleaned up tackle.  We ate in the car (A/C) on the way back.  PATs Thunder and Rubster were wonderful – they cut the worms, baited the lines for girls and released the fish that was caught.  I did put one worm on a hook and it was still gross but I did it.

Wednesday –  Book Green eggs and ham.  Craft was hot air balloons (oh, the places you’ll go) and Lorax pencil can holder.  The girls did all the prep work & adults cooked the food.  Baked eggs (Trouble on stove top) with green food color & rolled deli ham (Wy).  We used old fashioned hand mixer for fun experience.  We made silver dollar pancakes (PAT – Fluffy) on griddle.  Washed and used hand mixer for batter.  Raven helped girls slice up fresh strawberries with plastic knives.  We layered the silver dollar pancakes with fresh strawberry slices and whipped cream.  Sweet tea helped with putting apples on old fashioned apple peeler/slicer (10 apples up on top book). Drank pink ink drink – strawberry milk (book There’s a wocket in my pocket).

Thursday – Book To think that I saw it on Mulberry Street.  Craft was terrarium out of large glass pickle jars, peddles, activated charcoal, soil.  Girls were instructed on how to plant plants and how to take care of terrarium (Lorax book).  Picked out a plant from variety and decorated jar.  Raven, Trouble, and Sweet Tea read To think I saw it on Mulberry Street and Lorax and blew bubbles.  While girls were busy, Wy and PAT Tempest set up  walk through Mulberry Street (Snow white & 7 dwarfs path) and we were almost finished with set up when we heard thunder.  Tempest and I collected all books and stuff off trail.  The girls and staff went into Choptank lodge where they quickly set up Mulberry Street and Raven played games with girls in kitchen area (Telephone game and talked about camp).

I really loved working with all the ladies they were so great and they made my vision for the program come to life.  I appreciate all the work they did!

Thank you for letting me be apart of Camp Todd!

Brownie Theater

Brownie / Junior Horseback Care and Riding
The horse program was fully subscribed. 26 girls participated. The group (1) that included brownies and juniors had 13 girls, and the other group (2) consisted of all juniors. Each group spent 2 days on camp and 2 days off camp at a horse rescue, Halo’s Haven, (http://www.haloshavenrescue.org). On camp the program consisted of interactive activities including horse safety, gaits, grooming and tack, horse health, and horse related careers.  The girls each created clay models of horses.  Off camp the girls interacted with the horses and did horse care on day one, and each had an opportunity to ride on their second day on the farm.

Junior Drawing and Painting

Junior / Cadette Quilting

We enjoyed our time sewing at Lakeview.
The quilters were all very proud of their tee-shirt quilts. They all enjoyed sewing, boating, swimming, zip lining and craft activities. We were busy around the clock.Many thanks to Sapphire, Birdie, Starburst, Snickers, Mockingbird and all the PAT’s lent a hand in the sewing room,
Happy quilting

Cadette Advanced Theater

Cadette Sports and Adventure

Cadette Yoga and Health

Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness Program

In this program the girls enjoyed practicing meditation, yoga, mindfulness and journaling in various places around the camp.

Monday we meditated by a tree near Music in the Woods.  We focused on listening to all of the sounds we heard in and around ourselves.  We then went into the Music in the woods and tried to recreate the rhythms and sounds of nature.  We all agreed that it was a shame we didn’t think to record the beautiful music that we created.  We ended the session with a healthy snack of “Gorp” (granola, oats, raisins and peanuts).

Tuesday we went to Art among the Trees and meditated in a shady spot facing the lake.  We focused on all of the beautiful shapes, colors and textures we could find around us.  We then used charcoal, pastels, colored pencils and/or water color paint to create a piece of artwork inspired by nature.  We also were visited by Karen Knight.  She was a certified yogi instructor.  She talked to us about how she was able to take what she’s learned from her yoga practice and apply it to her daily work.  She has worked as a ski instructor, canoe and Kayak instructor, and now she is a nurse.  She has found that yogi breathing techniques are very helpful both for herself and her patients.  While we were here, we found the most beautiful and unusual caterpillar.  We named him Billy Bob! Our healthy snack for today was a reduced sugar “Kind” bar.

Wednesday, by far, was the most fun day of this program.  We tied the paddle boards to canoes and took them to Sprite Creek.  We then sat on the boards for a floating meditation, focusing on the rhythms of the water, the coolness of the shade and water, and the feeling of the breeze on our skin.  Just as we were settling in to our meditation, one of the boards started taking on water.  Then an exhilarating splash fest began!  We laughed so hard and for so long.  We decided that laughing was as healing and invigorating as any meditation or yoga class!  We did practice some yoga poses both on the boards and in the water, and we ended with an actual meditation.  We never did find time for our healthy snack, which was supposed to be celery sticks filled with low sugar peanut butter and raisins.

Thursday’s program was interrupted by storms.   We hunkered down in the closet of the program center and talked about the various free or low cost websites and smartphone/tablet apps.  When the weather cleared up we went to Choptank Lodge and made healthy smoothies made of coconut milk, coconut water, protein powder, flax seeds, spinach and frozen mixed berries.  We spent the rest of the time cleaning the lodge, finishing early so that the girls had more time to go back to our units to pack.   

Summer Roundup Leadership Academy