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Br Holiday Sewing and Crafts

Br/Jr Outdoor Adventures

Jr Machine Sewing
This year’s sewing program was a success despite some challenges we faced with regard to location. Nevertheless, the girls were focused and did a great job completing their quilts. We had 10 girls that were all making “Jelly Roll” quilts. Some of the girls had sewn before and some of them had not, so it was a mix of skill levels as well.
On the first day of camp the girls worked to practice sewing some squares together – these will be turned into a quilt to be donated to a breast cancer survivor. After they were done practicing, they got their jelly roll of fabric and proceeded to sew the strips together. Then the fun of turning and sewing the long edge of the fabric started until we had 10 quilt tops ready to go. The girls worked hard on Wednesday morning and evening to get to the point where they could select their backing fabric and be ready to finish the quilts off on Thursday morning. By the time Thursday’s program was done, we had 10 girls with quilts in hand ready to show off.

Jr Photography:
We had a great week practicing photography!  The girls learned some basics on photography, and their first project was about perspective–finding 3 unique ways to photograph the same thing. They did great at that as they did with all the projects we did. We talked about leading lines in photography, finding things in your image to “Frame” your photo, finding letters and numbers within nature to spell words, using sidewalk chalk to draw pictures they could incorporate themselves in, making optical illusions from their photos, faceless portraits, reflections, studio photography, close ups, action, nature, landscapes, and even some night time slow exposure and glow stick photography!  I heard from some parents after camp saying their daughter was saving up all money to get a nice camera!   We managed to get around camp and see other scouts in different areas, got to try out different things like the new obstacle course by Choptank, and just have a lot of fun learning about photography and trying it out at camp!  My helpers were even joining in on the learning and having fun with the scouts learning new stuff too!

Jr Wearable Art

Cad Art and Drawing

Cad DIY repurposing

Cad Paddle Sports
We had a lot of fun in Cadette Paddlesports.  On Monday the girls learned about canoeing and took canoes out on the lake.  On Tuesday the girls learned about kayaking and took kayaks out on the lake.  On Wednesday the girls learned about paddle boarding and the girls took paddle boards out on the lake.  On Thursday we went for an adventure down Sprite Creek and the girls got to choose either a canoe, kayak, or paddle board for their trip.


Cad/Sr Cupcake Wars

Sr/Amb Computer Coding / Creating Apps
The girls learned about the fundamentals of coding through a few lessons taught by me and an app called Grasshopper which covers the basics of Javascript. Meeta really enjoyed using Grasshopper and being quizzed on practical coding knowledge. They also practiced graphic design with iGenApps, which Kat seemed to enjoy and excel with! The girls also made bracelets on Tuesday, writing their birthdays and favorite numbers, converted to binary and hexadecimal numbers. The major project of the week was their Hopscotch games, which taught them how to use block coding. Brenna went above and beyond with Hopscotch, opting not to use a built-in tutorial and instead branching out and making a super-fun ping pong type game! These three girls were truly a delight to work with.

Sr/Amb Summer Roundup Leadership Academy