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Summer Roundup 2018 Winter Sewing Clinic

Learn to sew from the experts at Summer Roundup!

Each year, girls at Summer Roundup have the opportunity to learn basic sewing and quilting from QuiltChic and Birdie, two of our camp team members who are experts at the skill.  This year, we are offering your girls and adults the chance to learn from our staff during one weekend of sewing around the clock.  Girls and adults are welcome, so come join the fun!  

Fabrics, thread, and patterns are provided.  Optional sewing kits are available for an additional $8, or you may supply your own.  Kits include: a tomato pin cushion, tape measure, needle threader, marking pencils, sewing gauge, seam ripper, thimble, 8-inch bent trimmer scissors, polyester thread, hand needles and straight pins.

There must be a minimum of 5 participants for the class to take place.  The maximum allowed is 10 girls and 4 adults.

For questions, please contact Mary Ann Bolles at